Harmonia Tactics

The forces binding the world together are unraveling.
Rally your forces, fight back, and restore Harmonia to balance!

Harmonia Tactics is an online squad-based tactical RPG - build a force, complete quests, and clash with deadly monsters or powerful player-controlled teams. Superior positioning and tactics will defeat your enemies! Players command forces of one or more heroes and collaborate (or clash) as they battle, conquer, and explore.

Assemble Your Force

Create a party from eight basic character classes, each with unique strengths and weaknesses and an important role to play on the battlefield. Fight for your kingdom, complete quests, earn money, gather equipment, and gain experience to bolster your force. Adventuring alone is possible, but ill-advised; the land of Harmonia is perilous. It would be wise to make a few friends before you make too many enemies.

Defend Your Kingdom

War is everywhere, and the evil forces of the Dissonance encroach on Harmonian civilization from every direction. Harmonia Tactics features an innovative territory-control system, where every player's actions impact the ongoing conflict. As one city is liberated, another falls. But beware: one misstep can seal the fate of your entire army. To assure triumph against darkness, you must work together with other players, explore Harmonia's exotic lands, and recruit new soldiers.

Perfect Your Tactics

Gameplay resembles an RTS but with greater emphasis on effective maneuvering and use of individual units' skills. To be victorious, you must position your forces wisely - protect the Archers, keep the Warriors on guard, use Knights to disrupt enemy front lines, attack the back ranks with mobile Birdsoldiers, and manage the chaos on the battlefield while your opponent does the same.

Roll Your Own

Though there will be an official server with a unique storyline, setting, and characters, the Harmonious engine is designed for modding and players and developers alike will have the ability to run their own servers with completely different elements thanks to Harmonia's built-in scripting language.

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Release for Linux+Windows! Harmonia Tactics Engine Demo v1.4.3

After rigorous testing, the Linux version of Harmonia Tactics is confirmed to be stable, so here’s the latest version for both Linux and Windows!

What’s New?

Harmonia Tactics Facial Hair
Facial Hair + New Beaks for Birds
Harmonia Tactics Winterforge
New “Tower War” Map: Winterforge

…and more! For a full list of changes, check out the full changelog below.

Full Changelog


  • New “Tower War” map: Winterforge.
  • New music track for Winterforge.
  • Several OpenGL fixes and efficiency upgrades.
  • Male characters now sport facial hair.
  • Bird characters have a variety of beaks and possible face/beard styles.
  • Move range is now displayed in combat and while holding “shift”.
  • Rollcoon is now a monster in “Battle Arena”, with new spell animations.
  • Scary Halloween monster near the end of “Battle Arena”.
  • New, better-looking animated water.
  • Individual maps can specify their time of day.
  • Distributable Linux binaries!
  • “Tower War” now broadcasts messages when towers are under attack.


  • Priest’s “Heal” spell just got a BIG buff, so… heal more!
  • Multiplayer balance changes to “Battle Arena”.
  • MP3 files replaced with OGGs.
  • JPG files replaced with PNGs.
  • Camera is no longer glued to characters in “Character” keyboard mode.
  • Height bonuses are now calculated by angles, not tile height difference.
  • Magic attacks are no longer effected by height bonuses.
  • Messages at the top of the screen now have black bars for extra visibility.


  • No longer possible to walk up steep walls using WASD.
  • Can no longer be pushed up steep walls either.
  • Shadows now properly draw on bridges, rather than on the water below them.

Linux, beautification, and a new map!

Linux Version in the works!

We’ve been hard at work producing a one-size-fits-all distributable Linux version, and it’s almost there! Our Linux build (32- and 64-bit) is almost ready to roll out – once testing on a few more machines and distros, it should be safe for worldwide consumption. After that’s taken care of, it’s time to get the Mac build up and running, then we’ll have the “big three” done. :)

In addition to that, we’ve been livening up the look and feel of Harmonia Tactics with new tilesets, effects, and more possibilities for character styles. Here, have some screenshots!

Movement Range During Combat

While fighting or holding shift, characters can now see how far they can run in a single turn. We’re still playing around with this feature to make it more useful, but it sure does look nice!

Better Water

The old water texture has been remade, with fancier effects! Here’s the water used in the winter tileset. It’s a bit lighter than its warmer overworld counterpart.

Facial Hair, Better Faces for Birds

Nothing is complete without big, bulky, man beards and epic mustachios. In addition to facial hair, the bird’s face has been split into separate beak and facial pieces, allowing them to mix-and-match their looks just like their non-avian counterparts.

New Map – Winterforge

Wooden bridges span across snowy cliffs in this frozen land. A boiling-hot factory nearby contains a special artifact to supercharge your team, increasing their damage threefold for one minute. But beware – the place is HOT, so prepare to leave as quickly as you came!

Additional bug-fixes, changes, and miscellaneous features

  • Added a fancy, slicked-back hairstyle for men.
  • Camera controls are a lot less frustrating – but still not perfect!
  • Can no longer move onto excessively-high cliffs with the keyboard.
  • Can also no longer be pushed onto those same cliffs.
  • Replaced mp3 files for ogg files.
  • “Auto-grab mouse” is now disabled by default (which should have been the case in the last release!)

Release time! Harmonia Tactics Engine Demo v1.4.2

Another new version of Harmonia Tactic’s engine demo! Aside from a lot of necessary bugfixes, this version has some much-needed upgrades to the HUD (auto follow, auto attack, camera controls) and some animation improvements.

Download it here, from itch.io!

What’s new?

HUD Control Strip (Auto Follow, Auto Attack, Keyboard Controls)

HUD Control Strip

Moving the entire force around could be a pain, but no longer! Simply turn Auto-Follow on, move around using WASD, and your other characters will follow. Characters won’t auto-follow during combat, so they won’t run into a fight and get themselves killed.

Lazy characters getting you down? Now with Auto-Attack, they’ll automatically hit targets within their current range when idle in combat.

Blinking Faces

Harmonia Tactics’ rendering engine allows for independent animation of sprite components – bandanas blowing in the wind, glowing weapons, and now, blinking! Here’s the current face line-up with their animations.

Shifty Eyes

Animation Upgrades

Starting with the Soldier, the walk cycles and attack animations are getting some TLC. Here’s the side-view of the Soldier’s new attack!

New Soldier Attack Animations

Full Changelog


  • New “Auto Follow” and “Auto Attack” options in the HUD “control strip”.
  • Keyboard control (WASD) now easily visible via the hud control strip.
  • HUD is more compact, with fancy groupings.
  • All character eyes now blink independently.
  • Male soldier sprite got some better animations.
  • Doubled the Radness and Badness of Tower War’s music.
  • Subframe features in the Sprite Editor are nearly finished.


  • Explore mode features some work-in-progress “Kingdom” stuff.
  • Some female hairstyles were fixed / work better.
  • Jumping in animations no longer bounce when landing.
  • Tower War and Battle Arena default to keyboard controlling character.
  • Removed insta-jump-to-character in keyboard=character mode.


  • Experience is distributed in Battle Arena again.
  • Redundant equipment in Battle Arena, Explore Mode, Cheesetopia are gone.
  • Shadows draw much better now.
  • Slime Runner! has less ugly shearing when looking straight ahead.
  • Hud expansion/contraction behaves properly with server lag or new characters.
  • Game no longer auto-pauses when you are defeated.
  • Distances are now stored properly. No more broken orders 50% of the time.
  • Fullscreen mode now allows edge-of-screen scrolling regradless of “Auto-Grab” option.
  • Server-side connections no longer suffer from ‘buffer overflow’ problems.

– Simon (Synival)

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