Most if not all downloads here are extremely old, and not representative of current work (posted May 21st, 2013)! In fact, they probably won't even work, unless you can get into the debug mode! They're only here for historical reasons, and I haven't tended to this website in quite some time. This will be remedied... later ;) Time must be spent programming!


    Harmonia v0.0.4

  • Mac OSX (10.6+): Link
  • Windows/Linux32: Link
  • Changelog:

  • Bug fixes! Including one nasty bug in particular that caused memory usage to spiral out of control.
  • Chat Window! Old chat commands are still in the game, but now everybody with the latest client can talk to one other in one large chat room. (Channels coming later!)
  • Mouse Control! In the 3D Map Demo, you can now move around using the mouse.
  • Terrain Types! Your character now takes longer to move through hills, forests, and swamps. You can't move through mountains or water anymore, either.
  • Path Finding! The shortest route is taken whenever possible.
  • Smooth Camera! Camera motion is now smooth, which makes moving around feel ever so satisfying.
  • Flight! Flying entities on the map now hover and cast a shadow on the ground. You can also fly/teleport in the 3D Demo by using the right/middle mouse keys.
  • You can now use the mouse wheel to rotate the map up/down in the 3D Demo.

    Harmonia v0.0.3

  • Mac OSX (10.6+): Link
  • Windows/Linux32: Link
  • Changelog:

  • Tile editor in 3D map viewer. Press 'e' to enter editor mode. You can't save or load maps with this, but you can play around with every map.
  • Mouse-over effects on sprites.
  • Left-click sprites to simulate the new damage effects.
  • Right-click sprites to simulate the new dialogue window.
  • New textures: trees, grass, walls, desert, snow, ice, dirt, desert, beach, wood, and water.
  • Better-looking horizon line.
  • Improved instructional window.
  • Properly implemented sprite animations.
  • Internal clean-ups and performance upgrades.

    Harmonia v0.0.2 pre2

  • Mac OSX (10.6+): Link
  • Windows/Linux: Link
  • Changelog:

  • 3D Map Viewer Feature
  • Resize features for Windows build
  • Windows mouse cursor changes for moving/resizing windows.
  • Improved logging for error detection.
  • Internal code reworking for compatibility and stability.
  • Program icon for Windows build.
  • Version displayed in the corner.

    Harmonia 0.0.1a (Windows/Linux) - Development Snapshot

  • Windows / Linux: Link
  • This is the first of many public builds for Harmonia we plan to distribute during development. In this demo, you play the classic text-based version of the game with our work-in-progress 3D map in the background. This should give you a taste of everything we've done in Harmonia so far and where we plan to go with it in the future.

    Full player command reference is here.

    This is the first demo we've ever released, you're really getting a first look at a development snapshot - it's buggy, but it runs! This build is NOT representative of the final project. In fact, the Terminal window will be gone COMPLETELY, replaced with a more intuitive interface with a HUD and straight-forward mouse commands. In the meantime, until that's finished, enjoy this demo!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. This is complicated. How do I play?

Gameplay is going to change A LOT, so we'd like to spend our time working on the new interface rather than document the old one we're going to toss away later. To get a list of commands, press '?' (shift+/ on most keyboards) during gameplay. If there are players online, feel free to ask them for help. You can always PM me or leave a comment if you have any specific questions!

2. Why is there a map in the background?

This game is originally all ASCII text-based, and that's the game you're playing right now. In the background is our work-in-progress 3D map, which will carry a completely new interface. Once that's done, the terminal window will be gone.

3. Why does everything have so much lag?

This will be fixed with the new interface. Everything at the moment is handled by the server, even your display. What you see is slow because it's travelling half-way around the world to get to you. Again, this will NOT be present once we've finished the new interface.

4. Why does it crash when I do so-and-so? It shouldn't be crashing!

This build hasn't seen much testing. You're playing a very, very early development snapshot, and it's not optimized yet. If you spot serious bugs, please PM me or email me at:

5. Why can't I connect?

The server hasn't seen much traffic yet, so now that there are players, it's crashing from time to time. It automatically reboots, however; wait a minute or two and everything will be back online. Player snapshots are saved about every five minutes, so you shouldn't lose much progress.

Gameplay 1
Gameplay 2
Gameplay 3

Play Harmonia the MUD

Harmonia was originally a MUD you would play through Telnet, and you still can! Here's how:


To play, please use a Telnet client and connect here:

  • Address:
  • Port: 5000
Original MUD Interface

Telnet Clients

Here are some compatible clients and the proper settings:

  • For Windows, I prefer PuTTY, which should work right out of the box.
  • For Mac, you can use the 'telnet' program from the terminal, but the Terminal app has issues with bright colors. iTerm2 is a better choice!
  • For Linux, 'telnet' should work just fine from any terminal :D
  • Although Tintin++ appears to work fine, it is likely that your favorite MUD client will not work because of the fancy visual interface. Harmonia also takes commands as single characters, not lines, so your client will need to behave as such.
  • Harmonia is to be played with a white-on-black color scheme only. Things will look weird if you do otherwise!
  • If you're having terminal issues, make sure 'local echo' is off and the terminal is either in 'character mode' or 'line editing' is off.
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