Slime Runner

What is "Slime Runner!"?

"The nefarious Professor Jerkface has released a horde of explosive slimes against the peaceful people of Peacefultown! It's not your job to protect this place, so you don't really care, but these bouncing losers could ruin your jogging regimen. Dare to be stupid and run anyway!"

Slime Runner! is the first completed game using the Harmonia engine. Take control of a guy whose only wish in life is to get invaluable exercise and not explode. Run, jump, and dodge dangerous slime creatures in this fun game from Baroque Creations!

Careful; they're full of TNT!

Latest Version

    Slime Runner! v1.2.1

  • Windows: Download Link
  • Changelog:

  • Added a difficulty menu at start. "Easy" is the original difficulty.

Older Versions

    Slime Runner! v1.2

  • Windows: Download Link
  • Changelog:

  • Several internal rewrites in the graphics engine to increase speed.
  • You can now gain points by jogging forward at max speed.
  • Switch between top-down and 3D view using the Up and Down arrows.
  • Health bar looks cooler.
  • Overhauled shaders to work with NVidia cards.
  • Your character now slides to the center of their tile when not moving. This is a new feature of the engine that we haven't bothered to disable :)
  • Better development environment for Windows, which should help compatibility.
    This build is buggy and unstable! Please use v1.2 instead.

    Slime Runner! v1.1pre1

  • Windows / Linux (32-bit): Link
  • Changelog:

  • Options window for controlling lighting, game difficulty, volume settings, and other miscellaneous settings.
  • Improved camera control.
  • Overhauled lighting system.
  • Health bar now represented as a yellow bar.
  • Several internal changes, upgrades, and minor graphic alterations.
  • Text boxes now gradually display text with sound effects. Skip them by pressing 'Enter' or clicking on them.
  • Sprites (usually) no longer appear inside walls.

    Slime Runner! v1.0.1

  • Windows / Linux (32-bit): Link
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