Harmonia in Crisis!

After a long, long age of peace, Harmonia's tranquility has been shattered. It started with reports from the outlands, of once-peaceful wildlife attacking wanderers. Then came bloody riots and uprisings on the borderlands, seemingly without cause. And soon, in the hardest-hit, bleakest regions, demonic armies emerged and seized Harmonian fortresses to use as their strongholds, to launch further invasions into the heart of the realm.

From Kingdoms near and far, the best magicians, priests, and mystics gathered together to divine the cause of the chaos that gripped their nation. The answer troubled even the mightiest of them: the magical forces that bound the world together and created order were beginning to unravel. Where the landscape had grown vulnerable to spiritual intrusion, an alternate dimension was bleeding into Harmonia's own.

In a last-ditch attempt to ensure the survival of civilization, the realm has put out a call for heroes from all species and walks of life, to turn the tide of the chaos that threatens to engulf their home. On an ever-changing battlefield where the world they once trusted grows violent and hostile, can these heroes beat back the Dissonance and restore balance to Harmonia?

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